What We Do


Our focus at TRANS-IT extends to sourcing talent (from the LGBTQ+ community) for straightforward yet extensive digital tasks, both within our organizations and through placements in other firms. We're dedicated to nurturing IT skills, facilitating access to educational scholarships in partnership with teaching institutes, and helping individuals gain IT certifications in cutting-edge technologies. Our approach combines several strategies to empower our recruits in the dynamic field of information technology.

What We Seek


At our core, we strive to create a positive social impact, focusing primarily on employment opportunities. We recognize that within the LGBTQ+ community, transgender individuals, particularly in developing countries, face heightened challenges. These challenges range from limited access to education and healthcare to societal welfare issues and pervasive job discrimination.

Our mission is to empower these individuals through job opportunities and comprehensive training. By equipping them with skills and experience, we aim to pave the way for a more secure and hopeful future. We chose the IT sector for our initiatives not only because it aligns with our expertise but also due to the industry's growing and seemingly endless demand for skilled professionals

How You Can Help


Privileges are an awesome thing, they allow us to do many things and not using them is a mistake. With a little you can do a lot, especially if we add several people.

You can help us by collaborating with a tiny monthly sum so that we can extend our impact. You can also help us to get new job opportunities for the people we want to empower. If you are in an important position within a company or know people who are and would like to add to this impact, please contact us.

We've captured on video a series of interviews with individuals whose careers have soared after working with us. These stories showcase their journey to securing positions in other companies, where they have found enhanced career opportunities and improved salaries. The narratives featured represent just a handful of the many lives we've touched, and the number continues to grow each year.

Who We Are, Our History

Privileges bring incredible opportunities, and leaving them unused is a missed chance to do good. Even a small contribution can have a significant impact, especially when combined with others.


Here's how you can join us:

Become a Sustainer: Your monthly support, no matter how small, fuels our ability to empower more individuals.

Open Doors to Opportunity: Connect us with job openings in your network. Every placement creates a brighter future.

Leverage Your Influence: If you hold a key position or know decision-makers who share our commitment, let's collaborate! Contact us to explore partnerships.

Together, we can create lasting change through the power of opportunity.


Hello! We are Daniel and Vanesa, the founders of the Trans-IT Foundation. We're excited to share with you the story behind our unique venture: a service organization with a deep-rooted social purpose.

My journey began in the field of information technology, where I gained experience working for various companies before venturing out on my own.


Meanwhile, I was actively involved in the gender area of a political party.


Together, we wanted to create a project that was not only a shared passion but one that would also serve our clients and the broader society.

Our connection to the LGBTIQ+ community deepened through movements like #NiUnaMenos and #8M. We witnessed firsthand the profound challenges faced by this community, including persecution, social ostracism, and stigma.

This inspired the inception of Trans-IT. Our mission is to bridge the employment gap within the trans community by providing training and professional opportunities in digital services.

TransIT is more than an organization; it's a beacon of hope and a step toward a more open, honest, creative, and loving society - a society that we all can truly call our own.

This initiative is not just about business; it's a commitment to ensuring our children grow up in a world that's freer and more accepting than the one we knew."

Why The Trans Community?

The trans community in LATAM faces challenges in social inclusion and finding employment. They have been marginalized and discriminated against, often working in informal or exploitative sectors.

Official data overlooks their needs. Despite these obstacles, the majority of the trans community wants to work and is willing to learn new skills.

Recognizing this potential, TRANS-IT was created to empower them with job skills and support remote work opportunities. This approach focuses on their positive traits, like resilience and a desire for economic inclusion, and emphasizes their value in the workforce. The organization aims to train them for formal employment and provide remote work opportunities for others.


TRANS-IT FOUNDATION is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization determined by the IRS since Nov/2023


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